Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eco friendly Class B motorhome?

Looking for a "kinder, gentler," RV? RVers are often 'hit over the head,' by those who feel that the former waste fuel, pollute the environment, and hog the road with fuel-inefficient 'boxes on the highway.' Now RoadTrek, a Class B motorhome builder, runs their flag up the pole in defense of RVing in the form of their E-trek package.

Billed as "An Environmentally Conscious Package with more Functionality than any other Class B in History!" the company touts the rollout as bearing a three-fold set of advantages:

  • Environmentally Conscious: Models with this package emit fewer carbon emissions and far more e-conscious resources and equipment are used in their manufacture and function.
  • Technology Advantages: This package uses the newest technologies to make the unit more functional and flexible for you. You get longer times off the grid while day tripping, weekending, and having fun.
  • Simpler Use: There is much less to do to use units with this package than conventional RVs. You don't have to learn much (just a little bit).

How are these wonders supported? The E-trek motorhome is built on a Sprinter chassis, fired with a diesel engine. Keeping it "simple," diesel is used as the primary fuel to provide heat and hot water through its combined heating core. "These appliances," says the promotional material, "use far less fuel than conventional propane or electric appliances, and are far easier to use. No lighting the stove with an open flame. No plugging in is needed for electricity (unless you want to)."

Providing electricity for the rig is a combination of a diesel fired electric generator and solar panels.  The generator isn't a freestanding unit, but rather is engine mounted. The rig's 3.0 litre Mercedes diesel engine is used as the power plant to feed the electrical system, running everything when driving or parked. At idle it feeds 3.5 KW of power. When driving, it is even more powerful and charges at 5.5 KW. The Mercedes engine will run reliably to operate the vehicle, and your generator when needed.

Upstairs is a 245 watt solar module for battery charging. The output is coupled to a house power supply system including a 5000 watt inverter that has battery protection and a power save mode that when activated will help protect the batteries from running down too far. All appliances and all outlets will all run off the batteries. Power storage is through eight advanced glass matt deep cycle batteries:

So the next time the eco-bully boys rag you about your un-green RV, throw an E trek at them!

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